Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to Start Thinking About the Holidays

Last December I had a cookie exchange.  This was my first time to have one.  I had always wanted to have one but I thought that it was time to have another one.  I sent my invitations at the first of November.  I really didn't have a good turnout, but those who attended had a great time and those who didn't come missed out!
Here is a great link on cookie exchanges and swaps,

The cookies that my cousin brought.  It was my aunt's idea to bring them in cute Christmas takeout boxes!  What a great idea!
All the cookies that you could ever want!

I made sugar cookies and gingerbread men!
The wonderful cookies!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Flora Bella and Skye Hardwick Double Givaway!

How cool would it be to get:
1. $250 Gift Certificate toward Florabella Photoshop Actions & Textures (items purchased this week will be refunded)
2. One Workshop Workbook (comes with free Posing Guide & More – read about here) {retail $399 + $125}
3. One 30 min phone consult with Skye – {retail $350}*

All you have to do is go to by 11 pm pacific tonight! Good luck!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Biscuits Yum Yum

I think this is a picture of my 2nd or 3rd try at making my grandma's biscuits.  They are slowly but surely getting better.  The 1st time that I made them, they were pretty terrible.  I haven't made any in the past few weeks because we have been working on the kitchen.  I can still cook in there, but not a full blown meal or something that requires extra room like biscuits.

Pumpkins and Fall

Ever seen so many pumpkins?

Wrapping Paper Season?

Well, it's not time to use a lot of wrapping paper, but here is what I made last summer.  I had this in my room behind my door and thought that I should use it to put gift wrap and ribbon on it.

Looking Back

These are the burp clothes that I made for my friend Mandy and her little boy PJ.  They were super easy to make.  I just used wonder under to stick the two ribbons together and then used a glue gun to put the larger ribbon onto the hand towel.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Now That I've Decided to Do This

After I decided to do this magazine recipe challenge. I thought, how am I going to get all of this food to make the dishes? Well, I'm going to stock up my kitchen first. I live in my grandma's house now, so we have all the tools and goods, but I need more things. Yes, I do grocery shop, but I know there's more to get at the store. (I'm starving, so that's why I'm rambling.)

Another reason why I've decided to do this, well there's a couple more reasons. First of all, it's healthy. I know the prices for the dishes are reasonable. The magazines are all aware that we all can't afford big complicated food all the time, plus we don't have the time for that!

So, I've made my trusty grocery list. So, far I have made eight categories. 1.canned food, 2.vegetables, 3.pasta, 4. rice 5. meat and 6. miscellaneous.

I know it will expensive and not really cost effective to buy all of these things at once, so I'll probably go to the discount grocery store to buy my canned foods and then eventually buy the vegetables when I know I am going to use them. It will be great to have these things in my pantry and freezer.

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